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New Year, new project

This is a year of changes and I plan to document them all with my new journal and blog. I plan to post in each, everyday and hope I can help others and look more closely at myself.

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MTV Twitter Jockey

just nominated @erinmystic to be the first MTV TJ #zyncmtvtj

So, life has changed....

I haven't posted a new blog post in over 33 weeks and BOY have things changed! My boyfriend and I broke up, then got back together two weeks later, he made a mistake. My older sister had a baby girl on September 12th 2008. My younger sister, got engaged back in December 2008. I moved back in with my boyfriend back in November and my parents moved to Las Vegas, NV. More later...


I got a new job at a ski resort, in Big Sky Montana, as the A/V Tech Manager. I manage the Audio Visual department. It’s probably the closest thing I can do to a dream job. The commute is beautiful, the perks are great, and the pay is amazing! What more could you ask for?!! I am starting in two weeks, which is the only bummer.
I finally have a mountain bike and the weather is nice. So, today my boyfriend and I are going to Lindley Park in Bozeman to go mountain biking. No, Lindley Park is not on a mountain, but there are easy bike trails there to give me practice.
I read Randy Spellings blog on myspace, I am a Randy Spelling fan, ever since “Sons of Hollywood” aired, and I just read one of his blog posts, where he says he is a Life Coach. I know what a life coach IS. But how do you become one? What qualifications do you have to have? I also wonder, what makes Randy Spelling able to be a Life Coach. I believe he is only in his thirties, what does a thirty year old know about life? Plus, he grew up extremely rich, so what does he know about the hardships of life either? All good questions right? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not attacking, I just want to know, what makes a life coach? Randy seems very intelligent and very deep, but is that all you need? Well, besides the fact that someone needs to be willing to pay you.
An update, my older sister has broken up with her boyfriend for lying too much. She took herself and her unborn baby to Las Vegas, to live with my parents. Other than that… not much else. Her boyfriend never told his parents she was pregnant. Very not cool of him.

Come Spring!!

I realize that it has been a very long time since I have posted a pod cast. But so much has changed. So, last you heard I was living in Bozeman Montana. It has been one hell of an experience. First off, after four years of dating, I have finally found the best man for me and all I had to do was move to Bozeman. Next, I left my job at KTVM and moved in with my boyfriend. Now my parents are moving to Las Vegas, tomorrow, I work as a shipping clerk for a pet product manufacturer, and I just did my first shift at a local radio as an audio engineer. I think that’s it… oh no wait! My older sister is having a baby girl in September and just got engaged! Wow, can’t believe I almost missed that.
Now that you are caught up, I must say Bozeman has grown on my. I wasn’t sure at first but I think I might buy a house and settle down in Bozeman Montana for life. Being from San Francisco, I didn’t think it was possible, but it is. I was driving to my first shift at The Eagle, the radio station I work at, and I thought to myself, gosh this is really nice. It was 6:30AM and I was happy to be awake early. Also, I must say the year round outdoor actives are pretty awesome too.
I braved my first snowboard season and absolutely LOVED it. I can’t believe I never tried it before! It was so much fun. My first run down, I just stood up on my board and barreled down the “Snowflake” run. Only after I was half way down, did I realize I didn’t know how to STOP! Needless to say I got down to the bottom very fast and fell before I injured anyone. After 10 trips to the hill and seven months of ski season, I’m looking forward to spring and its sports.
Spring was supposed to have sprung already, but it’s still very cold. Its also been windy lately, ugh. See, I wouldn’t be so unhappy except the weather gods have been teasing us here. Last week, it was almost in the 80’s for three days and after that? Snow for two! I want to start hiking, biking, and especially try backpacking. It would also be nice to go camping on the weekend! But alas, none of that yet.

Q&A: Feed's Warner

I found out that this is where the video, "catch," I posted came from. This is still a pretty cool company though and Josh Warner makes some really great comments and connections about the social media industry. Everyone who likes social media should read this article. Interactive companies are out there and they are on the cutting edge...
clipped from www.adweek.com
Q&A: Feed's Warner

Gregory Solman

Josh Warner
LOS ANGELES Josh Warner, 48, is president of The Feed Company in Los Angeles, which he founded late last year.
The company has seeded viral (he prefers "social") video hits such as RayBan's "Catch" from Omnicom's Cutwater (in which sun glasses are tossed at a man who catches them on his face, despite the increasingly unlikely scenarios) and General Motor's "Robot" from Interpublic Group's Deutsch/LA.
Q: What's the biggest myth about viral video?
A: That it will market itself. Good viral takes a lot of work. Eepybird, started by two guys from Maine, spent six months getting two minutes of footage of Mentos being dropped in Diet Coke bottles and causing an explosion.
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clipped from www.youtube.com
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Bizzare! WTF!

I saw this video and was likt WTF! Who came up with this...
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Security Glass

Even if this is security glass, I still wouldn't use it!
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